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L'aggiornamento di Marzo 2015 della linea 13" dei Macbook Pro con Retina Display (modello A1502) adotta processori Intel Core i5 ed i7 di quinta generazione, introduce inoltre il trackpad Force Touch.

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Trackpad and Keyboard do not work

I spilled soup to the left side of my macbook pro 13 inch 2015. I did not see any liquid inside the ports, so I did not do anything. Then two days after, the touchpad and keyboard do not work (the forcetouch trackpad still has feedback but does nothing). So, I did some research and found that this problem is usually caused by the trackpad’s cable.

I have 2 questions regarding this issue:

  1. I’m about to buy a replacement cable from iFixit, but I just want to make sure that the problem is actually caused by the cable not the soup that I spilled. Has anyone ever have this trackpad and keyboard issue from liquid spill?
  2. I have a screw driver with a label T5 and T3, are they the same as T5 torx and T3 torx? if they are the same, do I only need to buy P5 to open the back of the macbook, then?

Thank you

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Information pertaining to electronics subjected to liquids.

Electronics Water Damage


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The tool list is at the start of the guide. Yes you will need a P5 for the bottom cover and a T8 for the display in addition to your T3 & T5

MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2015 Upper Case Replacement

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  1. I have a few-times , everytime I end up buying a new keyboard, I haven’t been so lucky to just replace the cable and all the problems are fixed. After some time it stopped working and that’s when I decided to just replace the keyboard instead.
  2. Not sure

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You likely will need to replace the full uppercase. This series uses independent connections for the keyboard and touchpad so you likely spilled enough into them to both need replacing. This is where I would recommend replacing the entire uppercase assembly.

But before we go into this have you even opened the system to inspect the logic board to see if it is OK as well as the I/O board. If either has any burnt areas or corrosion then this is becoming a bigger mess. You will need to take the logic board full out to check the other side.

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