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The GoPro Hero3Plus Black Edition can be identified by its model number: CHDHX-302. It's an eighth generation camera that was released in October 2013. The GoPro Hero3Plus Black Edition is a Wi-Fi capable, 4K resolution digital camcorder.

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What is the ribbon connector beside HDMI and charging port?

I bought a lot of GoPros off eBay.. Well the order arrived and to my surprise 3 off the cameras powered on but in the GoPro Quik menu I can not get any of them to read the SD card, keeps saying NAN GB or something of the sort, completely different issue.

One of the ones that did not power on I decided to take apart. Once it was apart I have found a piece of a ribbon that is still in a connector but it has broken off. I have yet to be able to locate where this ribbon even goes to and when I search on iFixit or google images I can not find any other motherboards that have this connector on it.

Decided to take another one of my Hero 3+ Blacks apart and it has the same board with the connector but it does not have anything in it nor does the internals have a place for the other end to go.

Any light that can be shed on this for me would be so helpful. Thank you for your time.

Update (08/09/2019)

And to clarify this connector is beside the HMDI port and charging port

Block Image

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Couch Tours post some good images of all of this with your question. that way we can see what you see Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda


@oldturkey03 Yes my bad I knew I should of done that from the start. Post has been updated


Bump if allowed.. Anything?


Should probably also include shots of or at least the model name(s). FWIW, if you log onto Google Images and search with the words "gopro" and "teardown" it returns tons of hits for the various Gopro models. Some of the returned hits are for teardowns apparently somewhere on this site. Feeling to lazy right now to chase them down so will leave that up to you if applicable. lol :-)


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Could be a diagnostic cable or something that’s creating different read paths. Maybe try removing the cable and powering back on?

Good luck!

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