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Guides and repair information for Kenwood mixers.

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Mixer speed is very slow

My kenwood chef mixer has slowed down a lot….

Update (08/08/2019)

Kenwood mixer only moves when turn know to number 4…then it is fast…

numbers 1 to 3 doesn’t operate at all. What to do next?

Thank you

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Hi @jkathy

What is the model number of the mixer?

The speed control unit in the mixer may be faulty


Hi @jayeff I have similar problem as kathy but mine still runs at all speed. It's just that it jumps to highest speed first at all numbers and sometime it slows/revs inconsistently. Could you advise if it is the PCB/capacitor faulty or it could be the speed control unit instead?



What is the model number of the mixer?


Kenwood KHH30



Unfortunately I cannot find any parts for your model so I don't know whether it even has a motor control pcb or whether it is all done by the speed selector switch assembly.


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battery may be low or somethings holding it up

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