Car won’t accelerate or start (intermittent)

Hopefully someone could help me. I have a 2002 Accord 4 cyl. As I drove my car and hit the accelerator, it felt like it was not getting gas, the car slowed and then cut off only to start again and drive normally. This is the second time it drove like it would not get gas only the first time, it did and sped up. Sometimes my car will cut off and then not start again. Sometimes it will start again after it sits for a while. Sometimes it will cut off after I idle some. Once, it would not start after I parked and went into the store only to start when the AAA almost made it.

I’ve replaced the fuel pump twice. The first was with a Bosch model and second with a Denso model. Any ideas as to what I can look into?

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Scan the OBDII port to check if there are any codes showing that may give an idea what is happening with the engine.

In the USA places such as AutoZone will do this for free apparently


Thank you. I have a scanner and without the check engine light, it would not give me a code.


May want to check to see if your getting spark from the distributor to the cylinders. Start by checking each plug wire for spark. Then check ignition coil (behind distributor cap), and if necessary, check igniter (also behind distributor cap).


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