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Randomly died and not turning on...

Hey I have an iPhone 6s here…

anyways, the customer brought it in for repair and the phone has no prior water damage. He said he used cheap cables and yesterday he left it off charge and 10 minutes later he comes back and the phone is dead..

i changed the battery and its it’s still not turning on. I also tested the battery connector while plugged in with battery removed and it measures 0volts. Is this a short on vcc main or a tristar issue?

the ampmeter shows 0 amps also….

Can someone tell me what I need to check and how to go about this procedure to resolve this issue…

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Cheap cables and a dead phone = Tristar.

If you suspect a short on VCC_MAIN, you should probe it with your multimeter to confirm it or rule it out. But realistically, this is a Tristar issue or a charge circuit issue (Tristar/Tigris).

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Can I pull a tristar out of another phone and solder it? What phones have the same u2 IC?


The tristar charging chip has balls under it which can't be resoldered properly without recalling it. It requires a hot air rework station and a stencil to recall and put back on the board.

What we do is buy the replacement charging chips preballed as it saves time and is more reliable.


@benjamen50 I love reballing such small ICs as much as I hate doing it on a PMIC ;)


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