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Lo smartwatch Apple di quarta generazione, con connettività cellulare opzionale, lanciato il 21 settembre 2018.

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Broken Apple watch repair

Dear all,

I wonder if anyone could tell me how to know a difference weather is it a broken LCD (which costs 300$ and more) or is it enough to replace a digitizer only (much less expensive)… A watch is working properly, ‘only’ screen is cracked :(

thank you all…

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It’s not very practical to just replace the crystal as the OLED and digitizer are both well glued to it.

While it could be separated you need to be a brain surgeon to have the needed skills and you also need some custom tools. Just not worth it doing your self or even a repair tech who only sees one or so a month.

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I need it to know just to decide which part to buy. No, I am not that expirienced to do it by myself :/

But, if I could know what to order from ebay or something like that, it would save me a lot of money...

Ia there any test, to chech if it is LCD or just digitizer?


Here's the iFixit guide that walks you through the steps Sostituzione schermo Apple Watch Series 3 while this is the procedure for a Series 3 its the same for the Series 4.

To be clear it's all one assembly:

Apple Watch (40 mm Series 4) Screen

Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4) Screen


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