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The ZTE Quest n817 is an Android smart phone that was introduced in 2015 and is commonly provided by Assurance Wireless.

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Why is my wifi always disconnecting on my phone

tell me why and how to fix it

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Is this issue isolated to one Wifi network or does this happen on any Wifi network?


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Hi @victorrocks247 ,

Check the WiFi Advanced settings of Keep WiFi on during sleep is set to Always and also that the WiFi optimization setting is enabled.

To find the settings go to Apps > Settings > Wireless and Networks > WiFi > tap right hand soft key below screen and select Advanced.

Scroll down and tap on the Keep WiFi on during sleep entry and select Always.

Scroll down to the WiFi optimization setting and select the checkbox.

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The connection is poor. That is the reason for disconnecting. To fix this, change setting according to your connection on Wi-Fi Advanced settings on your phone.

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