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Logitech M515 Wireless (Couch) Mouse released in 2011.

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Assemble disassable Logitech M535

I accidentally dropped my Logitech M535 and now the bodywork is partially open on one side. There is no obvious way to disassemble it  in order to fix it: I’ve tried to look under the pads to see if there was a screw underneath like in the Anywere MX with no luck).

Suggestions are welcome. The mouse is still usable but the fact that it’s partially open annoys me and I would like to fix it.

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Hi Steam,

thank you for your suggestion in fact I figured this out a few days later of publishing the question and wrote a little guide to disassemble my mouse (Logitech M535 Disassembly).

As you pointed out there is a little screw just under the battery sticker.




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I don't have the same model, but in most logitech mice of this quality have a single screw under the sticker in the battery compartment. After that screw it's just a bunch of snappy snap things that might be a bit difficult to pry open, but you can do everything by hand without tools after that first screw.

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Thanks. After peeling the label and finding the screw, I simply used a can of compressed air to clean things out and now the mouse runs as new. I have a M535 model mouse.


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The M515 (could be similar)

  1. Remove the battery cover
  2. There is one screw between the batteries. Remove it
  3. Jiggle off the cover
    1. You can inspect and clean the battery spring contacts.
    2. 7 screws are revealed, which I don't foresee needing to be removed unless you want to replace (solder) a mouse button switch

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