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The Sony SRS-X5 portable speaker was manufactured in 2014. It's known for it's high sound quality and dependability.

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Where can we find replacement speakers?

I’m looking to replace a blown speaker but not having any luck finding replacement parts for this. Do you know of any resources or parts numbers for this product?


- j

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Hi @jdiddy

Can’t really help regarding parts but here’s some information that may be of some help.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Sony SRS-X5 guide.

Here’s the Sony part number for the speaker 151026B1510268

If you search online using the part number only, you’ll get results for suppliers. Unfortunately all of the ones I found say “currently out of stock”. You may have better luck.

You may be able to source a compatible replacement speaker by checking what information is printed on the speaker driver.

There should be the speaker’s impedance value in Ohms (see image for Ohms symbol) and its’ power rating in Watts (W).

If you use this information coupled with the diameter of the speaker (remove it from its mount in the case and measure it) you may be able to find one to suit, i.e. search for (insert diameter) 4 Ohm (insert W) speaker. An example of your search term could be 2.5” 4 Ohm 5W speaker. I have no idea if the example figures mentioned are correct for your particular speaker, it is just an example ;-)

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@jayeff - great info and greatly appreciated! Once I get in there I will know better as to what to look for but thank you for the tips. This definitely helps! - Cheers!


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