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Il Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15ABR è un laptop di classe consumer perfetto per le operazioni di tutti i giorni.

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Stuck on lenovo logo and even on system repair

My lenovo ideapad 320 stuck on lenovo logo when turn it on, so search some solution, so i try the oneclick repair and i choose the system recovery and i wait it too load but it just a black screen even i wait for about 1hr its just a blsck screen please i need help all my thesis file are on my laptop.

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HI Neil

For Data Recovery , I would suggest you to use Hiren to recover.

Download from another computer and get a thumbdrive.

Follow the steps to make the usb thumbdrive bootable

insert the thumbdrive on the laptop and power it on

press F12 (IIRC)

and select boot from thumbdrive

let the OS load and once it is loaded, you can try accessing your current hard disk to recover the files.

it would be good if you prepare an external hard disk beforehand.

I would suggest you to run Lenovo Diagnostics to test your hard disk.

On the PC and keep hitting on F10 to lenovo diagnostic.

From there test your hard disk.


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You can still try to perform power drain without removing the internal battery of your laptop just follow the steps below.

- Turn off the laptop

- Remove the charger

- Remove any accessories like USB flash drive

- Press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds

- Then re-connect the charger on your laptop and power it on

Possible that there's a corrupted system file on the laptop that is why it no longer boot to Windows. You may try to perform a System Restore if you a restore point just select a certain date prior to this issue.

Hope this help will help you!

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