Why wont car move when put into gear

Car won’t move when put into gear manual transmission

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Sounds as though there may be a problem with the clutch.

Have you checked the clutch fluid reservoir to see that the clutch fluid is at the correct level?

Try the following:

Apply the parking brake

Start the engine

Put the car in 5th gear and try to drive away

If the engine doesn’t stall, your clutch is faulty


Here are a few possible causes:

Worn out clutch. blown U-joint or CV joint. Also, if you car uses a cable to operate the clutch. I had Plymouth minivan years ago with a manual transaxle that used a cable similar to a bicycle brake cable that also had an auto tensioner mechanism under the dash. The tensioner would over tension the cable to the point that it would cause the clutch to slip, wearing out the flywheel. Eventually I had to replace the clutch, flywheel and cable.


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