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Repair information and support for speakers designed to be used with a personal computer.

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Can I used dc 12V 2A to 11.5V 1.6A ac input in my speaker

i need help. im not techie and and confused.

i have creative speaker t10 and i lost the original adapter.

i saw power port in the speaker it indicate 11.5vac input.(see image)

Block Image

my question if its okay to use the adapter in the picture for my speaker?

Block Image

if what possible it may cause or if its work without no problem

thanks in advance for help

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Hi Teejay, I have same question. Can you please tell if you tried and it worked?


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Hi @natzirt ,

It should work OK.

According to the user manual the speakers use either a 11.5VAC 1.6A adapter or a 12VDC 1.5A adapter depending on which country it is sold in.

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If it would be DC on your speaker then probably it will work.

Since it is AC on your speaker it should just rectify your 12V AC to DC. Probably it will not work, but you can try ;)

I find it kinda funny because replacement parts for your loss also are rated for 12V DC

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Yes, you can use 12 volts 2 amps adaptor in place of 11.5 volts adaptor. No problem the DC jack pin must be the same.

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