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The TI-84 Plus CE is a graphing calculator released in Spring 2015 by Texas Instruments. It includes a 2.8 inch color screen, USB port, apps, storage, and a 1200 mAh battery.

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Broken pixels came back on my ti 84 plus ce LCD, can this be fixed?

My TI 84 + CE got a bunch of dead or broken pixels on the side of the screen a while ago that obstructed numbers and menus. I looked it up and another person asked the same thing, but was told that it's unfixable. I kept looking and found that a few solutions that helped. After a while of tapping and trying to use the calculator normally the screen eventually cleared up and the dead/broken pixels were reduced to a tiny bit in the top left corner that obstructed almost nothing. I continued using the calculator and it was fine, disproving the people who said that it was unfixable. Fast forward about a year to just yesterday, and after not using the calculator for a long time it's back. Last time I never needed to replace the screen or open up the calculator like other people say are the only options. I've heard of a few solutions that make sense for other devices with LCD screens but they normally require touching the actual screen, which a little plastic window covers on the calculator. So if anyone had any solution regarding my problem besides replacing the screen, I'd love to hear it. I'd rather not disassemble the calculator, but I am willing to if there are no other options. Sorry for posting such a long question, but I had a lot of information that I thought would be useful.

P.S. Below is an image of the screen exhibiting the issue.

Block Image

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Don’t be afraid of posting a question that’s too long! The longer and more information-packed questions are, the easier they are to answer!

I have no idea how you managed to fix those pixels without opening up the calculator and replacing the LCD, I guess your calculator is special. I think your best bet is to try what you did before and finagle with the screen until the pixels work again. There could be a loose connection somewhere but there’s no way to be sure without opening the calculator.

If you’re willing to open up the calculator, reaching the LCD isn’t very difficult. The plastic cover over the screen is held on by weak glue and you can just take a suction cup and pop it right off (I’ve done it to my own TI 84 Plus CE). You can now perform whatever methods you think will work for fixing the dead pixels. Since the cover was held on by glue, you can probably just put the cover back on and it will be perfectly fine, I replaced the glue on my calculator with superglue so dust wouldn’t get in, but I wouldn’t suggest that for you in case the screen ever breaks again.

One build-in feature of the calculator you’ll find useful is the self-test feature. To use it:

  1. Archive any information you want to keep since this will clear the RAM!
  2. Press [mode]
  3. Press [alpha]
  4. Press [s] (the [ln] key)
  5. You should see something that says “Enter Self-Test?” If not, try it again.
  6. Press [enter] three times
  7. Congratulations, you’re now in the Diagnostics section
  8. Press [1] to run the LCD test, it will display numerous colors and patterns that can help fix the pixels, and help you see which pixels are fixed or not!
  9. Press [enter] to cycle through all the colors and patterns
  10. Press [clear] to exit Diagnostics, your RAM will be cleared.

If you need assistance using the Diagnostics, I suggest you look at this video that walks you through what it is and how it works.

Good luck, please let us know how it turns out!

EDIT: I recently had an issue with stuck pixel on my TI 84 Plus CE. If anyone else has a similar issue, I’ve made a program that can jar the pixels into working again.

WARNING! Do not use this if you have epilepsy. I have the program here. It requires you to install some libraries so it can work properly, you can find those here.

Once you send over all the files, press [2nd] then press [0] then press the down arrow 6 times (the arrow should be pointing at the text “Asm(“ ) then press [enter]. Now press [prgm] and scroll down to the program named “PIXELFIX” and press [enter]. Your home screen should now look like this: “Asm(prgmPIXELFIX” (without quotes of course). Press [enter] one more time to launch the program. Leave it running for an hour (you may want to connect your calculator to a charger). After an hour, press the down arrow key to quit the program. Hopefully your pixel will be fixed! It worked for me so I hope it works for everyone else too.

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Thank you so much, I'll have to see if it works when I get home and have access to the calculator.


Hi, I know its only been a week, but I'm curious if you were able to fix your issue. I've never seen this display issue happen before and it intrigues me. :)


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