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15.6" ASUS Laptop released June 2012. It's model number is U57A-BBL4 .

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No bluetooth hardware? Or is it just disconnected?

I got this laptop for college 8/2012 and it’s been a trooper (got me through mechanical engineering), but I randomly looked up its specs today and was surprised to see everywhere lists this as “bluetooth enabled”, even though I’ve never seen anything bluetooth related pop up on screen before. I tried looking where the bluetooth icon/functions would normally be (on computers equipped with bluetooth) to no avail. I downloaded the Intel PROSet bluetooth driver for U57A from Asus and it said that my computer had a newer version installed than the one Asus lists. I uninstalled the driver then installed the one freshly downloaded from Asus, but in Device Manager, under Network Adapters, there is still nothing bluetooth related. No icon down in the task tray. I don’t mind opening the laptop up to see if it has the actual bluetooth hardware, I just have no idea what said hardware would look like on this model. It’s no big deal if I can’t get bluetooth to work because it’s been a faithful computer, and of course I could get a cheap USB bluetooth adapter, but I’m just curious more than anything.

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Like everything else in your computer, Bluetooth requires both hardware and software.

To determine whether your PC has Bluetooth hardware, check the Device Manager for Bluetooth Radio by following the steps:

1.    Drag the mouse to bottom left corner and right-click on the ‘Start icon’.

2.    Select ‘Device manager’.

3.    Check for Bluetooth Radio in it or you can also find in Network adapters.

If your PC didn’t come with the Bluetooth hardware installed, you can easily add it by purchasing a Bluetooth USB dongle.

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