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Touch ID failed after screen replacement now two screens failed too

I recently replaced a screen on an iPhone 7 and the touch ID failed. I have replaced many screens including quite a few 7s and I’m very careful not to damage the original home button - there’s no visible damage that I can see with this one. After a while the screen itself then failed. I replaced it with a new screen (client was using the back-up home button that comes up on screen in the meantime until I worked out what to do). The home button still wasn’t working but client said they didn’t use touch ID anyway so if I could just install another home button and screen then that would be fine. I ordered another screen and that one also failed after a day. Thinking I had got a bad batch from somewhere I ordered a screen from a different supplier. This went in fine yesterday but today the customer is having trouble with the screen again. I’m baffled, firstly as to why the home button failed in the first place and secondly why the screens start off fine and then seem to fail. Any ideas as to what is going on please? I’ve backed up the iPhone and installed from scratch and that didn’t work.

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There a couple of possibilities here…

1) What kind of screen quality are you buying? Cheap eBay/Amazon stuff or from a reputable supplier? Inexpensive screens are inexpensive for a reason. Not that they don’t work but you’re more likely to run into screen problems.

2) The HB issue could be related to a bad screen (see above)

Do you still have the original screen? If so, install that one and test it for a day or two. If that one works, then your issue is with the replacement screens. If it also fails, then you may have damaged the logic board (check the connectors and tiny components surrounding the connectors).

Unfortunately, you can’t just install “another” Home Button, only the original will work for “click” functions.

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There is a home button called JC, which uses a bluetooth connection as a workaround. It is not ideal, but some will accept this as an option. The dude from STS Telecom, does a review on it.

@thephonebloke Albert, I assume you are doing these inspection under a microscope...?


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