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Released September 2015, the JBL Xtreme is a portable, Bluetooth speaker that is also splash proof.

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jbl xtreme speaker wont turn on unless plugged

This speaker was working GREAT until a few months ago. It was a gift I received about a year ago. I have a JBL Xtreme speaker that will no longer turn on unless I have the charger cord plugged into the outlet. Once I disconnect the plug from the outlet it will automatically turn off. I have tried to reset it holding the connect and + volume button down till the LED lights in the bottom turn on. Then unplug the cord from the speaker and it turns off. Watched a few YouTube videos on resetting, lock/unlock and tried that , but still will not have any power unless the cord is connected. The first LED light always stays blinking as if it’s still charging, but never stops blinking. Speaker must no longer hold the charge… Please help me if you have anything in mind. Thank you.

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!Gran ayuda gracias !


Replace the battery


my speaker doesn't even turn on and the LEDs don't light up ... the speaker doesn't respond to anything at all


Hi Jeanette! Did you fix your speaker? If yes how?


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Hi @jeanesco ,

You may wish to verify how old the speaker is first as JBL have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the speaker.

If it is less than 1 year old and hopefully the gift donor still has the sales receipt or proof of purchase, follow the directions in the warranty as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

If it is out of warranty or there is no sales receipt available anymore then here’s a link to the ifixit JBL Xtreme Akku austauschen high power guide.

This guide is not so much a replacement battery guide , rather a workaround to connect an external compatible battery to the speaker. Perhaps the guide was written before the correct replacements became available.

However, you can still use most of the guide to gain access to the battery for replacement with a suitable compatible internal battery.

Here’s a link to just one supplier. It is shown only to give you an idea of the cost of the part. There are other suppliers available that may suit you better. Just search online for JBL Xtreme battery to get results.

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@jayeff Thank you for replying. It is out of warranty and the person no longer has the receipt. Took the speaker to my brother where he also tried to reset and still no luck. According to him it’s the battery that may need to be replaced as you also mentioned. Once again thank you for your answer and your time. I truly appreciate it your help.


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Yesterday I pulled out my speaker to use (Extreme 2) and it showed as connected BT but no sound coming from the unit. [I believe this was due to the most recent iPhone update as the issue was later corrected after first connecting to my laptop via BT then to my iPhone afterwards, which I will touch on later] Anyways…

So, the issue; My speaker powers on, connects to BT but no sounds coming out? We tried with 4 different iPhones, no avail. Then I look up how to factory reset. Here is where I messed up and I believe where most are getting lost. Instead of holding (volume +) and (play/pause) to reset, I mistakenly held the (JBL Connect +) and (Volume +) which seemed to have put the speaker in this weird mode where it would only power on when plugged into the wall and I could only get music to pay via 3.5mm jack. When it is in this mode, the unit only powers on while plugged in to the wall power socket, and the power button lights up white rather then the blue color I was used to seeing. I COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET OUT OF THIS MODE. Then, lightbulb moment.

I just repeated what I had done to cause the issue in the first place….

I plugged into wall to get power light to turn on(White), then I held the (JBL Connect +) and the (volume +) button until the speaker turned off. Unplugged the power cord, tapped power button and sure enough the speaker powered back on with the blue power light and allowed me to connect to bluetooth. (This is where I found out the initial issue may have been apple). Even after having power light blue, and having device showing as connected in my phone, still no music coming from speaker just like the night before. So this time, instead of iPhone I connected the speaker to my Microsoft laptop, played a youtube video for a few seconds and the sounds came perfectly through the speaker. Then, I connected my phone to the speaker and it is working perfectly again.

JBL Customer support was no help, they tried to figure it out for a minute on the phone and then tried to get me to send in my unit for them to look at even though I am outside of the 1 year warranty. They were trying to scam me into sending them my $400 speaker that was not broken so they can give me a “discount” on a new unit since my unit was out of 1 year factory warranty. I am glad I got it working but I will never purchase another JBL product again. I’ll save up a little extra and go Bose or Sonos from Costco as their customer service is night and day compared to the JBL I experienced. If you do decide to purchase JBL because they are affordable, I would suggest only purchasing from well known vendors who extend the warranty as JBL will be of no help to you if there ever comes a time you need to reach out to them. I’ve been using Costco for everything the last couple of years and they are the best, especially if you have the Citi card for extra extended warranty..

Glad I got the speaker working. It was looking like a bulky paperweight there for a bit.

I was very frustrated with this as we rarely use the speaker, it never leaves our home and it is supposed to be this rugged waterproof last through anything speaker that somehow stopped working when sitting on our shelf unused. I really hope this helps someone out there. I got real heated real quick and the resolution was SO SIMPLE. Good luck.

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Aloha from Hawaii! Thank you so much for this. It helped us get our son's speaker working again. Relieved us from a lot of frustration... And potentially saved us from spending a lot of money.


Also aloha from Hawaii too! This literally was the exact answer I needed ! I was going crazy lol


I’m so glad it helped, guys! I was so frustrated and I am a pretty savvy person. I felt obligated to write my solution. Really happy it worked for you!!


Hey from Australian, Holy heck thanks so much bro! I was going mad trying to fix this, to the point of buying new chargers etc. this solution was perfect and worked first try. I am so relieved I legit made an account just to say thanks! Thank you!!


Gracias esto me ayudo!


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try this

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My JBL was working fine, I had it and my phone plugged into a charger I saw they were both charged so I unplugged them both now my JBL won’t turn on So I plugged it back in and it came on but my phone won’t connect to it crazy how this all went down just to unplug and change a play list


Read my comment above. May have been the same thing I went through, somehow? I posted it July 6 just above this comment. Hope it helps.


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