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My TV shows no sign of having power?

My LC-50LBU591U shut off suddenly as I was watching TV earlier today. The blue light that would appear when the TV is off is now gone. I cannot turn it on with the power button or remote either. I tried holding the power button for 30 seconds with it being unplugged and no luck.

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hello John N, my name is John. with the symptoms you have describe it sound as if the power board died on you. i would look up a new one and replace it being the t.v. is a 50” and all it would be worth it and a relativity easy fix. Any questions feel free to ask.

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Is there a specific one I would need to buy? Are there compatibility issues I need to know about? And how easy or hard would this task be?


best steps to follow,

1: lay t.v. screen down on a soft surface like your bed.

2: remove the screws from the back edge and input connectors as well as the stand.

note: back should lift off every easy if you have a struggle there is another screw to be removed.

3: take pictures of the power board it would be the board that the plug goes into.

note: leave wires in power board until replacement board comes.

4: google search your make and model T.V. of a replacement power board. reference images with the ones you took.

5: it will be 4 to 5 screws to remove power board and squeeze connectors for the wires.

6: after replacing board lift t.v., plug in, test, and put back together.


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