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TV won't turn on red light blinks and screen flashes then turns off

How do I get my TV to turn on? It was working fine then we moved and plugged it back in and the red light blinks and Toshiba comes on the screen then it shuts off

Update (11/17/2018)

Model number is 49L621U

I tried the power reset didn't work

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Hi @meowmix7878 ,

Try a power reset and check if this resolves the problem.

Disconnect the power from the TV.

Press and hold the TV's Power On button for 30 seconds and then release. (the button on the TV not the remote control).

(If your model has a Power ON switch and not a push button, just switch it on for the 30 seconds and then switch it off)

Reconnect the power to the TV and switch it on to see what happens.

What is the model number of the TV?


The Tv model is Hisense it go's of and on showing the name of the Tv


I need help please


Hi @ Ar Glyphikzzz,

You need to supply the following information to get relevant answers.

What is the model number, not just the name?

Does the power light turn off or only the screen?


I tried all that what said to do its not working


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@meowmix7878 describe this “Toshiba comes on the screen then it shuts off “ in a bit more detail. We need to know if your TV turns off or if the display just turns off. You do want to remove the back from your TV and check the wiring. Possibly something came loose when you moved, but it is also possible that this is a power board issue. We would need more information and actually see what it does. Post some pictures with your question Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda for that.

Remember that Toshiba is another one of those Silent Black Helicopter companies that absolutely refuses to support our right to repair and it will be difficult to get information about any repair. Hence more reason for pictures and good descriptions.

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My 3 year old Toshiba - Model # 49L420L was having the same issue tonight :

ISSUE : Black screen, Red light on the tv indicator, when I tried to turn it on, it would flash the Toshiba logo and then show a black screen however sound was coming out still.

Note : Unplugging the TV, modem etc did not fix it.


- I unplugged my TV

- waited 30 seconds

- after the initial 30 seconds (while it was unplugged) I held down the power button for 30 seconds

- I plugged the TV back in.

- I held down the power button again for about 15 seconds + / -

  • At this point the screen started to turn on by itselelf and went back to its typical green 'sleeping' screen saver and it worked just fine after!

Hope this helps everyone!

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This comment helped so much thank you my tv works!!!


Thanks. This really help my 55inch Toshiba TV to be reset.


what if my TV doesn't have a power button? Also a Toshiba.


My Toshiba 55 still only shows red light when I turn it on and when I turn it off it flashes and the red light blinks 3 times.....HELP .....Please Robert noel


Omg thank you so much i was scared my tv was done for!


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- Unplugged TV power

- Waited 1 minute

- During this 1 minute press the TV manual power button ( not from remote)

- While pressing the power button. Plugged the TV power back in and power on the outlet.

- Keep pressing the down the power button again for about 15 seconds + /

At this point the screen started to turn on by it self.

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My tv is blinking how do I stop it


What If there is no physical power button?


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