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Xbox One controller was introduced in 2016 with the launch of the Xbox One S and adds Bluetooth support for Windows 10/11. This controller fixes many of the design flaws found on the Model 1537/1697 controllers and is much more reliable. This controller has been replaced with the improved Model 1914 controller.

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Why are my triggers constantly activated?

When I took apart my controller, my goal was to fix the clicking sound one of my triggers was causing. Fast forward a few days later, I fixed the clicking sound after doing a complete disassembly, and when I put the back panel on my controller, it presses the triggers down, I assume moving the magnet closer to the hall effect sensor.

Block Image

Everything else works superb, except for the triggers.

Is there any way I could fix this? I’ve tried taking the bumpers off and on, tried forcing it back, plugged it into my computer and gently put the back panel on, and I do not see a visible way to adjust the magnets.

This is also my first time doing too, so I guess I’m making progress.

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When I press Rt it’s also activating Lt therefore I can’t use machine guns HELPPPP


Yea same but I have it the other way around


when ever i turn on mt controller it just preses RT


When I Click Lt It click both of Lt & Rt at same time. How do I fix this problem?.


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I’m working on a fix for the loose magnet issue since it happened to mine a few days ago. That said I need to test it and see how it holds up, but I think it’ll fix the problem. I have an extra frame, so I have no reservations trying to come up with fix for the problem.

It may be possible to realign the magnet. The way these are assembled is the magnet is only secured with double sided tape, which is prone to failure within ~18 months on the modern ones and typically years on older controllers. It is possible to fix it, but if you adjust the magnet and misalign it, you may never get it working right again; only do this if you can do it right. If it works but is loose, tacking it down with glue on the 1708 or glue and heatshrink on the 1537/1697 will keep the magnets in place again.

The problem you’re running into is either caused by the alignment of the magnet or the discrete components on the secondary board that are below the magnet that control LT and RT. The mechanism used my Microsoft doesn’t rely on carbon pads like the Sony controllers. I’ve posted a picture of the mechanism for you to see it:

Block Image

Block Image

Depending on if you are having issues with LT/RT or both, you will need to replace a few different components. The component marked 304 is the same on both sides, but the SMD caps and resistors vary based on which side needs repair. You will need to determine which ones you need for the side you are repairing.

Update (2021)

The fix I put on my 1697 in 2018- and eventually 1708 has held up better than the analog sticks and Micro USB ports ever will on the 1697, and Micro USB on the 1708 (and long-term wear on the analog sticks). The fix for this is once it happens, cut the heat shrink (1537/1697 only - 1708-present do not need this as it’s clipped in), apply superglue to the magnets (anything good will work like Loctite or JB-Weld) and let it dry overnight so be prepared to be down a controller. Sorry, I don’t have another 1708 to show the patch work on beyond this answer as I do not stockpile previous models of Xbox One controller - especially the 1537. You also have no real way to remove super glue on these, as acetone wrecks plastic.

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Sorry for a weeks late reply but then again I had to focus a little more on school than I was:

So is there a way I could check for magnet misalignment? I'm looking at my controller now disassembled again and the magnet appears to be in the same spot, and I notice that there's a little metal piece on the top of the left stick magnet, which is absent on the right stick (which is shown in the picture).

Also would these SMD caps and resistors be on the bottom of the board that is on the top (implying that I would have to desolder the wires to take a look at the bottom of the top board). Also, could it be possible that the way I resoldered could've broken something? Everything else seems to communicate just fine except for the triggers.


It's fine. Things happen and all that matters is you came back.

The SMD parts are over the magnet above the area in the magnet on my photo; I marked it up. The clue for a potential misalignment is issues like yours. It can be adjusted, but it isn't an easy job. You need to work with it carefully especially if it isn't a simple tack down like the example 1708 I took a photo with. Take as much as time as you need to get it right or it's likely you will get it wrong.

The part you're asking about is the trigger vibrator I assume? I had to resolder it and it's kind of random how the final placement of that part of it is; it self-corrects when you use the controller so I'm not concerned about it.

The 1708 controller is so much more reliable than the 1537/1697 will ever be. I have never seen a serious issue that's well documented yet; just a few one-offs.


Just a quick little update on my issue:

When I reassembled the controller, the same thing happened where the trigger would look like it's being pressed down, so what I did was pull the left trigger forward as hard as I could and it mysteriously fixed the issue. The right trigger was still causing me problems and I assume is because of the snapped piece of plastic holding the trigger on the mid frame assembly. What I believe now is the fact that nothing is pushing the trigger forward, so I'll just have to order a new one once I get enough money for it. I really appreciate the help and I feel like I have a better understanding on how these controllers work in case I ever have a similar problem like this in the future. Cheers.


Keep it as a parts controller if it's frame damage. Lots of good parts on that controller.


Not sure if I’m having the same issue but the problem is only seen in game. Where both my LT and RT are engaged as if I’m pressing both down while playing but I am not physically activating it. For example when in game LT will be constantly held down aiming down sights, and pressing RT which should allow me to shoot does not work. Also in the Xbox menu it seems like I have a drift where it’s constantly moving downwards. Can someone walk me through a beginners guide to go about repairing this? Could it be possible that I just have to clean it out? My controller model# is 1708 it’s one year warranty is already past its date. I also have 1537 for parts.


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On the back plate of the controller there are two little slide in slots for this piece of plastic on the inside of bot triggers to make everything more flush and easy to put together however these two little “slots”( for lack of better word ) or forcing the triggers to be pulled down when putting the back pate back on. Hope his helps.

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