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AC power adapter for MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. Uses a self-aligning magnetic connector that disconnects safely when tugged. First-generation (2006-2012) MagSafe chargers have a slightly thicker, L-shaped connector. Available in 45 W, 60 W, and 85 W versions.

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My adaptor is not Working.

i have a Magsafe 60w. i dissemble it to check it from inside . i have found a one 8 pin ic is burnt out and one resistance. now help to repair or reuse this again for my macbook pro.

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do not try to fix the power supply fro your magsafe just buy new one


@baboba...What happens if you are in an area where you can not just buy a new one? Is it possible to repair it?


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I found a video for doing the repair. Warning - It's ugly :

I really recommend replacing it.

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i cannot watch it it said contained a malformed video ID.


Here's about ten videos on fixing it:


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I am just going to saythis

you need a dremel to open it and clean up the burrs on the case

you need a good glue to seal the case after and still make it look remotely descent after

In all honesty, replace it if you can, ONLY fix it if you cannot afford a new one and if you do, follow my tips above to make it as clean as you can

Once again, you will need a thin dremel tip to open it and you will need to solder, and after that, a grinding wheel to get rid of the burrs after as much as you can and duct tape or super glue

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Any idea of anything fixable on the inside?


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