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The Power Mac 8600 is a desktop computer sold by Apple Computer from February 1997 to February 1998 when it was replaced by the Power Mac G3.

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tearing down a mac g3 minitower

i need to remove the existing hard drive from a mac g3 minitower. Do you have a manual or teardown that would show me?

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Can you ID your system from this listing Power Mac G3 models


Yes, it is the 266Mhz G3 Minitower.


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coldave  this should work for you G3 minitower G3-minitower.pdf

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Skip to step 26 for the Hard Drive


Awesome! Thanks!!


How did you find this document for an ancient machine? I see where to look through "most recent' machines, but not for the obsolete ones.


coldave old age has blessed me with a plethora of ancient manuals ;-)


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I found a tear down for this particular Mac. The Hard Drive can be seen around Step 13. Only remove what is necescery!

Power Macintosh 8600(250) Teardown

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