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Dell's Inspiron 1000 is a low-end laptop released in 2004. It has a 15-inch screen and an Intel Celeron processor.

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My computer says its in automatic repiar but does not start or boot

my computer says automatic repair couldn pepair your pc how do I fix it or do I take it in just to reboot is it the mother board this happened for almost a year now with the windows updates the fixes and now it just wont boot keep saying can not repair and wont let me factory reset it

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Have you dropped this computer or modified it in any way, shape or form?


Hi @pmedina ,

What OS is installed in the laptop?


Have you tried to reset boot menu


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Try resetting the CMOS. Look it up if you don’t know how. That would reset the bios and could fix your issue.

If that doesn’t work, you could reinstall windows xp as that what it looks that you have. Only problem is you would have to look up how to get windows xp to download, if you want it free. Or just buy it, install it onto a flash drive, boot, install it. It will clean install your HDD though, but hey it would fix it.

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It could be an issue with your Hard-Drive (some sectors might be damaged), you need to check it out with a bootable tool like Hiren´s Boot or a direct boot of HDD Regenerator.

Here´s a download link for Hiren´s Boot Restored Edition ,try make that iso bootable in a USB stick (The README folder has a pdf with the How-to). Then boot the tool and check your Hard Drive with: Dos Programs/Restored utilities/HDD Regenerator.

If your Hard Drive ends up OK you can make a data safe off all your info with the mini windows in the same bootable tool. And then you can fresh install your Operative System. You can find online all the windows iso files and the serials and cracks if you don´t want to pay for it.

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