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The Dell XPS 15-L502X laptop was manufactured by Dell Inc. It was released in 2011 with a 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ processor.

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Dell XPS 15 L502x - Randomly shutting down, and not performing simple

My Dell XPS L502 is shutting down randomly, firstly i thought it was a windows issue as i have upgraded to Windows 10, then while reverting it back to Windows 7 and after removing the windows from laptop i cant reinstall it, as during the boot-loading the laptop is unexpectedly shutting down. it might be the adapter, but im using the original adapter, batter is down so it is used as a desktop, meaning its always connected to a power adapter when in use; i did opened it and closed the laptop and might have in the process damaged some screws as i am getting a light shock when touching the device.

Please help me.

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Are you getting a slight shock when touching the laptop?? That most certainly shouldn’t happen! Sounds like the power adapter is in a poor state, and if it got much worse you might get a lethal shock!

Most Dells use the same power adapter so you might be able to borrow one from another owner, just to try. A replacement shouldn’t be expensive. You should at least get an electrical safety (PAT) test done on the adapter.

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