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Screen Unresponsive After Repair

I am currently replacing a friends iPhone 6s screen and it is no longer responsive when in the phone body. When the screen is out of the body but still connected it works, but when its in the phone, its unresponsive. Is it a possible pinch point? The screen works and so do the buttons, but not the responsiveness. His phone is also on IOS 11.3.1 Were currently updating to 11.4.1, hoping it works, but Im lost.

Any help is appreciated!

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Definitely check the conditions of the flexes. When the screen is out of the body, is the screen bracket screwed in or not? If it is not, then maybe the screws are mismatched and digging into the logic board.

Finally, try the original screen to see if it has the same symptoms or not. This could help you rule out, or not, the replacement screen versus the repair job itself.

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Thank you for your reply! Upon attaching the old screen AND another old, cracked screen, they both worked flawlessly. Im guessing it is the part and returning it for a refund.


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