Xbox 360 Elite midframe assembly

I have an elite controller and my right thumb stick started drifting awful. I have lots of soldering experience but it was so difficult changing the thumbstick module becaise of the super permanent solder used that I got extremely frustrated and wound up putting to much heat on the joints for to long and split a few traces between the connections and completely lost a section. This part:

Xbox One Elite Controller (1698) Midframe Assembly

Is this the entire midframe assembly including the plastic housing, the board with the thumbstick modules and rumbles so basically I can just throw mine away and put this in its place? I've tried everything including calling over 10 times to Microsoft begging they sell me a replacement board with modules and it's just not happening.

Also without my controller on hand I cannot verify if it is a 1698 or 1697. What is the difference between the two?

Thanks in advance ! !

Immagine Xbox One Elite Controller (1698) Midframe Assembly


Xbox One Elite Controller (1698) Midframe Assembly


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