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Repair and disassembly guides for HP printers.

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Error says paper jam, but there is not. What could cause this?

I have an HP PRINTER all in one. It was working perfectly fine yesterday. Today it is telling me I have a paper jam. I went through the steps it told me to take 3 times. There is no paper jammed anywhere! Each time I finish the steps and turn it back on, it makes a grinding sound, then I get the same paper jam error message. I need some helpful advice if anyone has seen this before, please tell me what I should do.

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The sound when you start the printer probably is not related with the paper jam.

The reasons for this error can be different every time.

Clean some of the gears inside the printer. After some years they just need cleaning .

Some times there is an issue with a small elecromagnet inside the printer that is used to track the paper inside . For this step you might need to give the printer for repair. It still worth the money.

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