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The smaller version of Google Home voice-activated speaker, equipped with Google Assistant. It was announced on October 4, 2017 and released globally on October 19, 2017.

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Google home mini does not respond

My google home mini only responds to command prompts like “okay google” and “hey google” but doesn’t respond to my full command. In the my activity tab of the Google home app I found out that there was a lot of static being pickled up by the microphone. How can I fix this?

Update (06/24/2018)

Here is a screen recording of what my google home mini picks up with its mic. It only worked for around 20 mins after unboxing.

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Post a recording of the static from the app?

Maybe the microphone isnt getting grounded properly


How can i post that here?


This is what exactly happened to me on third day of using. But the worse part of mine is it said that microphone is off WHILE a switch was ON. Even worse, when I switch the mic off and on again, nothing happened and 4 orange lights still on. The recorded activity is exactly the same as yours.

Have you got any solution yet?I really need to know because I'm in Thailand with no google store here and shipping cost to Japan (where I bought it from) is almost half a price of Google home mini itself.

Thanks in advance!


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Sounds like a hardware fault, I’ve read of a few that this happened to. As mentioned, try a factory reset as per the Google support docs, if that doesn’t resolve, try for a warranty return or replacement.

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For the static feedback you just need to go into your S Voice app and turn off always listening. And as far as the actual Google Assistant being unresponsive or suddenly going stupid, there is a YouTube video on where you need to clear out your cache in the Google app in your phone settings not on Google assistant app, in addition to your history that it has saved up as you've been using the Google home. In addition to cleaning out the stuff that the YouTube video will tell you, I also every other time just for good measure go in to the boot logger on Startup and clear out my cache partition on my phone just in case anything resides in there. And like in the video says you might have to set up your hey Google Ok Google trigger

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Many users don’t follow the right procedure to reset Google Home Mini, and that’s why they get stuck on the green light.

Here are the steps to reset it.

Step 1: Keep Google Home Mini connected to the power.

Step 2: Turn the Home Mini over and you will find a small circular button at the bottom. Hold it for 10-20 seconds until you hear Google Assistant say that you are trying to reset the device. Keep pressing it for 10 seconds more.

Step 3: Leave the button after 10 seconds. Then, restart your Google Home Mini by removing its adapter from the socket — unplug it for 20 seconds. Plug it back.

Step 4: Open the Google Home app on your phone, and you will see that a new device is ready for set up. Then start configuring it normally.

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Disconnect the device and power on it after 10 seconds. After the Google home setup, tap and hold the microphone and then say ‘Ok Google’.

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So far as I know the "tap-hold" feature of the Home Mini was disabled shortly after the initial release and has not be re-enabled.


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