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Device repair and troubleshooting guides for the HP Pavilion 13-s128nr x360, a consumer 2-in-1 laptop by HP released in September 2015.

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Screen is not working at all

The screen of my laptop recently stopped working. Completely! It is black. No blinking, lining, nothing. I connected my laptop to another screen and it works fine. Built-in camera is working well so I am thinking that the screen must still be properly connected to the laptop unless the camera has different connectivity then the screen itself.

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The camera cable is a separate cable (see p.52 in the service manual on the link below) to the video cable.

Try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen to check if an image is there, (with the laptop turned on of course).

It will be very faint, so try it in a darkened room perhaps.

If you can detect an image then you have a backlight problem.

This could be caused by either a faulty backlight power supply on the systemboard, a faulty backlight power supply cable between the screen and the systembioard, (on this laptop it appears as though it may be incorporated into the main video cable), a faulty video cable connection at either end, systemboard or screen or a faulty screen.

If there is no image at all then perhaps the problem is either a faulty video cable (especially around the hinge area where it passes through between the body of the laptop and the lid), faulty video cable connection at either end, systemboard or screen or a faulty screen.

I cannot find a service manual for your particular model variant laptop, you may have better luck.

(there is one on the HP site for a “generic” HP Pavilion 13 x360 which may be of some help if you need to access the screen and cables etc.)

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