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Repair and troubleshooting documentation for Frigidaire dishwashers.

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How do I check for a short in my dishwasher

my dishwasher stopped I checked the junction box and the nuts were burned out I fix that, still no power to the unit, I changed the control board twice & the door assembly, I've got 120v at the junction box, also power to the door switch but once I connect it to the control board no power. So how to I check for a Short in the components. It's a Frigidaire FDB1050REM0

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why would the thermistor stop power to the board? I thought that affected the heat & drying . I've replaced everything the board the door switch & the circulation pump and I've got power until the connect the board and everything dies at the harness, this is crazy to me, any last advice it looks as if I need to be shopping for a new dishwasher


I checked the Thermistor & High limit Thermostat and the Thermistor is bad so I will try that and let you know if that works. Thanks for your help with this problem I really appreciate it very much


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Hi @smitty8699 ,

If there is no power at the mainboard, use an Ohmmeter to check that the thermistor is OK and not open circuit (o/c).

It is listed in the Control panel parts section for your dishwasher but unfortunately its location is not shown.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Hi @smitty8699 ,

Don't know your dishwasher but some have a non-reparable thermal cut-out in the supply line. Was hoping that this was it in your case. Given its' price it's a fancy "thermistor" as normally they are in the $10-$20 range.

Did you test the thermistor to see if it was OK i.e. had a resistance reading, possibly not a short circuit though?

Your dishwasher has a Hi Limit Thermostat to control the temps.

Also in the Q&A section for the thermistor under "Most Interesting" it shows nearly the same problem as yours i.e. No Power to board - thermistor o/c which tends to point to it as well.


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