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Repair guides and support for a wide range of umbrellas.

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Repair a rain umbrella

Is there not any repair shops for umbrellas.I opened a brand new umbrella that I had for awhile and all the little pins fell out .I cant get them back in.I would just like to take it somewhere and get it fixed help.

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I suggest you take it to a hardware store and ask one of the handymen working there if he could fix it. Or perhaps an auto parts store. Those two places are your most likely places to find someone who can fix it for you. And probably neither would charge you anything to fix it.

Another possibility is to go to a fancy hotel which provides umbrellas to the guests. The porter may be able to fix your umbrella. If you do this, you should tip the porter for fixing your umbrella.

However, if you have to pay to get it fixed, it will probably cost you more than to simply purchase a new one.

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I imagine that if someone wants to repair their umbrella it has more value than simply keeping rain off. I have a large one I bought in the months before the WTC were attacked and fell with graphics showing the twin towers. Kind of kitschy at the time but evocative of sitting at a windowside table for lunch when I look at it, now. I also bought a book about the Windows on the World, and it makes me sad thinking of all the people I spent a moment with that day- gone probably.



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Take it to the nearest hardware/repair store and have them look at it. Perhaps use Google Maps or some other navigation to find one near you.

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