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Repair information and support for speakers designed to be used with a personal computer.

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Can a headphone jack break headphones?

I have been using a pair headphones in my computer for a long time. But the heafphones gradually started to break. I had to twist the headphone plug to a certain position so they would work. If I dont, I can hear certain sounds but not others. Like I can hear whats happening in a stream but cant hear the casters voices. They dont work in other ports either. Yesterday I tried a different pair of headphone and one of the ears stopped working. I tried them on my phone and the ears still wouldnt work. Is it a coincidence? If so how do I fix it? If it is a coincidence, does anyone know what happened to the headphones?

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Hi @dabreh ,

It sounds as though you may have two or possibly three problems.

1. The headphone socket in the computer may be loose or faulty.

2. The 1 st pair of headphones may have a faulty plug.

3. The 2nd pair of headphones may also be faulty.

What you need to do is to find a different known working OK set of headphones and try them first in your phone. If they work OK there try them in you computer. (make sure that the volume setting is not too loud).

If they don't work there try them back in the phone again. If they work there OK again, then there is a problem with the computer.

Next try both your other headphones in the phone again and check whether they work OK, work intermittently or don't work.

If you have a DMM you can use its' Ohmmeter function to test the continuity of the wiring for the speakers in the headphone by placing the meter's test leads between the tip and sleeve (or ground)of the plug and the ring and sleeve (or ground) of the plug.

Block Image


What is the make and model number of your computer?

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Thanks for the help but the second set of headphones started working again and good headphones are working in my PC now, but thanks for the response!



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The headphones could be worned out especially if u listen to very loud music. And is better to buy new ones, the aux may have been loosened if bent in a awkward position.

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