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The TDK Life on Record Trek 360 is a portable and wireless speaker manufactured by TDK. This speaker comes with an aux port and provides wireless and bluetooth connectivity as well as 360° sound.

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What is my sound “buzzing/rattling” when heavy bass is played?

I recently purchased new TDK Life on Record 360 speakers from eBay.

Recently, the speakers started to rattle pretty significantly when a song with bass is played. I’ve lightly shaken the speakers to see if anything is loose but doesn’t seem like it.

Can someone be done to correct this issue? Do I have to take it apart to investigate?

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Before you dis-assemble the speaker, as it is 'new' was there a warranty on the product provided by the seller at all?

If there is a warranty, you don't not want to void it by opening the speaker. I suggest that you contact the seller about the problem and see what they will do to resolve it for you.

If there is no warranty on the speaker, then the best option is to open the speaker and see if you can determine what is the cause of the noise. For instance, it may be the the actual speaker cone may be loose in its housing etc.

Here is a link to the ifixit TDK Life on Record Trek 360 guides which should be of some help in opening the speaker so that access can been gained to the components.

Hopefully this is of some help

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My Sub woofer was rattle pretty hard, and I figured it out. I got brave enough to pull off the cover and look inside. Inside I found 2 small plastic toys that were laying down inside and on the back of the cone. Down-facing speaker. Pulled out the little toys, and the Sub is rockin’ again.

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