Wont read sd is in my phone

One day my phone just stopped reconizing or reading my sd card. And every since my phone has been turning on n off by its self. What could be causing that.

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Hi @angie127 ,

Can you test the SD card in another device to prove that it is OK?

Can you try another known working SD Card in the phone to see if it is detected?

Does the phone turn on/off when connected to the charger?

How often does this happen?

If it happens often try starting the phone in safe mode and check if it still occurs.

Has the phone been dropped or gotten wet at all?


Sd card works n notebook all info is still on it . my phone turns off n restarts when it wants to n wont acknowledge the sd card is there at all not even a new one . no water damage not sure if it got dropped


Hi @angie127 ,

Does it turn on / off when connected to the charger or in "safe mode', you didn't say?


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