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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with capacities from 500 GB up to 5 TB.

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WD Passport Ultra Strange Recognition Issue

Hi Community!

Been scouring for hours upon hours and tried everything to get my passport ultra to become readable again. External hard drive was plugged into Mac doing a Time Machine backup, got bumped and was yanked out and dropped 1 ft to ground. Now having strange issues where it is only somewhat discover-able.

Have tried a number of different computers, cables, etc.

Plugged into a my Mac, I can't find it under anything. Plugged in, light goes on flashes and solid light goes on. But unrecoverable on explorer or when searching for drives on Time Machine.

On PC - Will show up under Devices & printers for ~30 seconds when first plugged in, then will beep, and disappear. Not discover-able under Disk Management, as so many answers have stated on different threads. Doesn't show up as a drive under File Explorer.

Block Image


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Hi Sam Sheehan, sorry to hear about that, when that happens, especially during disk operation and fell from height, the HDD head most probably is misaligned / crashed...

if your data is important, you will need to send in to data recovery specialist. Don't try connecting and using it anymore as it may further damage the drive.

else if your hdd is still having warranty, consider sending in for service.

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As mentioned above it is likely to have stopped working from shock of impact.

But it is always a good idea to be logical about these things & rule out all possibilities.

Have you tried all of the below:

1. Have you tried a different USB cable?

2. Have you tried a different USB port?

3. Have you tried a different PC or laptop?

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Hi, yes I have tried all of the above. Is there any way to view my time machine backup so I can just get the photos off of there?


If the drive will not mount. no.

At worst you can reformat the drive, if you can see it.

All you can do is disk tools / disc utilities & try & repair/ first aid.

Time machine only duplicates what you already have on your machine.

and a record going back in time of what you have delete. You just need to start a new backup in case your main hard drive goes down.

If you have been using for extra storage it is a different matter.


Have you tried uninstalling/ reinstalling any drivers, if there was any?

If the data is super important to you. It is worth a £5 gamble of removing the

existing drive & putting in a new enclosure. You can get them on ebay, amazon, e.t.c.

My external hard drive isnt connecting


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