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In August 2000, the ninth-generation Corolla was introduced in Japan, with edgier styling and more technology to bring the nameplate into the 21st century.

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No tail lights or dash lights but I have headlights

Its not a bulb. Nor a fuse. What else could it be?

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This link dash and tail lights not working. Does it have a taillight relay? may be of some help.

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I have a 2006 Corolla and I had the same issue and it was fixed by my mechanic pulling open my glove compartment and finding some relays right above the glove compartment. One of the relays had wiggled loose and was causing my lights – lights not to work. Open your glove compartment pull it out and you will have to reach your hand up and back to the inside towards your face or the rear of the car and there are’s for relays that are not visible. Minehead wiggled loose and he plugged it in and solve the problem

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