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Repair and disassembly guides for Blu-Ray Players made by Samsung.

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Samsung Blu-Ray player not working

I have a Samsung Blu-Ray player model # BD-J5100/ZA. It will not play any of my Blu-Ray discs. It WILL play regular DVD's

I have tried the following:

A) With machine turned on, I unplugged it from the wall outlet and waited 5 minutes.

This did not help.

B) With machine turned on, I held down the "eject disc" button for 8 seconds. This

took me to multiple steps to reset the machine. I followed all the prompts and

I eventually got a message, The player has been reset to factory defaults.

This did not work either.

It seems that the player "THINKS" it is connected to the internet. It is not connected to the internet. Could this be possible ?

I DO HAVE wifi. Could the player somehow be affected by the wifi ?

Please help me. I'm out of ideas. Thank you.

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Mine would only work once connected to the internet


my blue ray player bd-f5100/xt is playing dvds vcds and photo cds. but ble ray disc is not playing


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Hi @ramses2 ,

Check the firmware version of the player. Then see if there is a firmware update available for your player. Follow the advice in the link about selecting Samsung's support service for"your" country, as the firmware may vary from location to location for the same model.

Sometimes a firmware update (or even reinstalling the same version - although not sure if Samsung will do this) can fix the problem by effectively resetting any possibly corrupted setting.

Just a thought.

Update (12/26/2017)

Hi @ramses2 ,

I'm leaning away from a bad Blu Ray disc drive only on the basis that it still plays DVDs OK.

Also as I stated earlier, this is an easier first step to try to fix it. If it doesn't at least you know that it is not a software problem. (firmware just means that the operational software used by the player to function is fixed and can only be altered by installing new software in a manner allowed for by the maker, unless it becomes corrupted of course ;-)

Here is the link to the firmware for your player. You'll notice that this download version is dated 12/12/2017 which makes you wonder what "improvements" had to be made for a player released in 2015. Usually it is to overcome issues found out by users.

It is rather a large download at 143.47Mb so if you have a limited data download allowance from your internet provider be aware of this.

Unfortunately Samsung has made it so that the link I posted doesn't go directly to the download page for your player, so you'll have to navigate through the menu options.

Here are the steps:

Select TVs & Home Theater > Home Theater > Blu Ray + DVD Players click on Player Type and select Blu Ray, click on Series and scroll down, find and select J5100 Series (ensure that it is J5100 and not just 5100 series as this is not the one for your player) and click Confirm. Next click on Download in the Firmware box. Once you have downloaded it follow the instructions in the firmware instructions.

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I appreciate your input, jayeff. I have 2 questions,

A) is it possible that my Blu-Ray player has picked up "wireless" info from my wifi and thus became "confused".


I haven't a clue what that means. Could any of the above be the cause of my Blu-Ray player NOT playing my Blu-Ray discs ?


Hi @ramses2 ,

1. If you have not setup a WiFi connection your player cannot communicate with any WiFi device. So even if WiFi signals are there the player wouldn't understand them and therefore would not react to them. Think of a TV where one channel is tuned in and another hasn't been. Normally the untuned channel has no effect on the TV operation or on the tuned channel

2. A wired network requires that you are connected to a network e.g. usually via a router, by an physical cable (ethernet cable) connection between the two. Again because the correct setup information has not been entered into the player, no communication is possible.


Ok, thank you. So, bottom line: the player is corrupted or the Blu-Ray reader has burned out . It either case it is toast. Unfortunately, the cost to have it repaired or to buy a new reader and spend the time and energy to do it myself is not worth the trouble.

Ps, You don't happen to know what BD is do you ? When going through "settings" I arrive at a setting for "picture". One of the sub-sets is this: BD Wise: OFF. (it is dark and can not be turned on or off, cursor will pass right over it.



You're not going to try the firmware update/reinstall option then? You've really haven't got much to lose except some data download and a bit of time

BD Wise is a Samsung feature that allows for improving the picture from a DVD by allowing upscaling etc. It basically means that the TV and the player "talk" to each other via HDMI when usually it is one way, - player to TV. Both the TV and the player need the feature for it to be able to be used.


Jayeff, since I have no confidence in my ability to do any kind of update, or to replace the Blu-Ray reader, I'm going to pass on that. When it comes to electronics I feel like an idiot. If I can physically see a problem, I can usually fix it. I can build a house or change a engine on an older model auto but electronics throw me for a loop.

I was hoping that the Blu-Ray player problem could be fixed by doing something simple like going to X location and typing in a new code.

Thank you very much for your time and patience with an old man.


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