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I phone 6s motherboard replacement with a new block iPhone 6

Hi everyone , I am currently using a iPhone 6 s . Recently having problem with its touchscreen , the lower bar of the screen is compleatly not working , and battery is down , show charging sign but doesn't change the percentage number with keep restarting .

On the other hand I have another iPhone 6 with network block so I can't use it .

To not that my faulty iPhone is 16 gb but the other one is 64 .

So is there any solution that I can change the motherboard of my block iPhone from my old one and use it ?

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Hi if you manage to do this you are a magician.. forget about this.

It would be easier to fix the original iphone 6s, test a new screen and battery would be a good start

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The components are not compatible between those models. I recommend a new screen and battery as first steps.

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