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10.1" Android tablet released in June of 2011. Samsung GT-P7510MA

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Charging while turned on

Is my tablet supposed to charge if it is plugged in and the tablet is turned on?

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When I am using my tablet and also have it plugged in to charge it does not charge. The battery is still running down instead of holding a charge or charging.


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Hi @winonaford1 ,

The tablet may indicate that it is charging because it "recognizes" that an appropriate charger is connected to its' charging port.

How quickly it charges the battery may depend on what the tablet is doing at the time. If it requires a lot of power to perform the function that it is doing, e.g. showing a video, then at least the charger will be supplying power to the tablet whilst hopefully maintaining the tablet's battery at its' current state of charge and therefore preventing it from discharging further if you get my drift.

Update (11/18/2017)

Hi @winonaford1 ,

Is your charger's output rated at 5VDC 2A (2000mA). It should be printed on the charger itself.

If it is try another compatible charger which has this rating to verify whether your charger is faulty or not.

If your charger doesn't have this rating but is rated at something lower e.g. 5VDC 0.7A (700mA) it cannot charge the battery and run the tablet at the same time. It is only able to charge the battery when the tablet is switched off.

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