Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. Released in April 2017.

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S8 Phone battery temp to low error

I had to replace the I/O daughter board because of my charging port not working once i did it was working fine but after a night of charging and on the bus the next day i attempted to charge it again and it came back with this warning.

It gave me reason to believe my charger or battery was the issue so i put the old one back in and now it does the same as well

In my research for an answer i have found that it could be the daughter-board with charging or it could be the charging coil and antenna assembly on the back of the phone.

Has anyone else had any luck with replacing the charging coils after this type of error ?

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Let us know how you fix it!


amazing help.tnx its work


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Under the battery cover there are 3 parts what cover the phone. The middle one is the NFC and wireless charging item. If it is not connected properly to the board, you will get this error message. Make sure the pins on the back side of this item is not bended, and connects properly to the board.

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perfect was exact my problem. you have to assemble pohone before charging


i have a problem with the charging shows 23% and a flashy thermometer help us, nfc antenna there we did not ramp up, do that antena nfc.


This answer saved my butt and hours of troubleshooting. TY!


perfect! I almost gave up...but then tried to connect the wireless charger very properly and pushed it a little bit down. Finally, it worked! Thx


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This is only regarding the S8+ location of the temperature sensor is different on other models.

I actually researched and found that the issue is in the NFC Antenna often. There is a temperature sensor in the NFC Antenna module and if that is working improperly, or you have not attached the NFC Antenna module then you will get this problem.

The solution is to either A) Connect the Antenna Better or B) Replace the NFC Antenna Module altogether.


The lower level maintenance mode seems to ignore the temperature sensor and charge anyway despite there being no indication of charging, (all of that is done by the higher level system so you dont get those sweet snuggly user indications) to do this press and hold Power and Volume Down. The screen will say Maintenance Boot Mode. Leave it here disconnect and reconnect the power cable , check your progress in 15 minutes.

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thanks to everyone who said NFC it is correct i am satisfied thanks thanks

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