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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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It seems like the washer has no power

My washing machine won't operate! It has power to the plug but it would appear otherwise. It's completely non responsive and shows no display or lights at all!

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@hvacguy you've got a complete model number for your washer?


700 Series. Can't get the control panel off the top of the unit. Help?


lg t7269nddl


I don't have an answer. I have a question? My Kenmore elite washing machine has no power whatsoever. It has no display light on it nothing just blank. Does anyone have any suggestions on what is wrong with it….


No answer just a question as soon as i plug my machine in it has one light flash with fading beep every 1-2 seconds if I press and hold the power button all lights flash and has same beeping this even goes on for a good 3-4 minutes after I unplug it


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The first step is to unplug the washer, you will plug it back in later. At the back of the top panel on the washer there are three screws that hold the lid on. Remove the screws and then push the lid back about 3/4's of an inch, the lid will them be able to be lifted off. Look at the area where the cord that plugs into the wall enters the machine. There will be a small module that the cord goes into. Follow the wires from the module to the main control. Using a multimeter set to Volts AC, you will test for voltage at the connection point on the main control board. Carefully plug the machine in and test for the voltage, being careful to not short the wires or test probes to anything on the chassis or neighboring wires. It should show 110 VAC, or very close to that. If not, unplug the machine from the wall outlet and move back to the module where the cord enters and inspect the wiring and make a check there.

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Thanks much! I really was aiming for a strategy from someone with washer experience, I'm an HVAC tech but have no idea what to expect from a washer! Once I followed your instructions it became clear that the molex plug that powered the power module had come loose and needed reattached. Thanks


Was that it? Does it work now? Your expertise would be welcomed on the site if you ever have the time. The whole of the Answers section is all manned by volunteers ;-)


Kenmore HE3t washer-No power,lights off. Checked power source. Good going into main module. All plugs connected to module. Then checked on/off control switch display unit. Looked all good. Checked harness from main control module to control switch display unit. Found a hair size frayed wire 1/16"long barely can see it. grabbed it and pulled a little and came apart. stripped wire. Soldered,heat shrink. Bingo - power, lights on and washer works now. Diagnosis - Located open circuit on harness rubbing on front metal opening. Installed slit vacuum hose, glued it around metal opening. To prevent from happening again.

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@socal I thought this was a question and almost moved it.


My problem was a mouse nest inside the front panel, cozied up against the circuit board of the control switch display unit. Non-trivial getting inside there, though.

With washer unplugged, I cleared the nest, removed the board (T6 torx screwdriver) . The cables are soldered to the board, and it's a hassle to unharness them, so I didn't. With a toothbrush I washed the board (warm water and dish soap), patted dry, then used the brush to rinse it (warm water), then blow-dried the board. I used electrical tape to repair a stripped -- nibbled? -- bit of grey cable (maybe a short-circuit)?

I put it all back together, and voila.

On other sites people wrote, "unplug for 5 minutes, then plug back in. You should hear a click ... and if you don't, buy a new CCU." Well, I never heard that click -- but as I type, I can hear the machine running the rinse and spin on the previously aborted load. I'm glad I didn't give up, go online, and order a part, before pursuing the problem into the control switch unit.


Hey Johnny Ondaspot - I hear the click, but haven't found the references you mentioned. So if I hear a click, what did the others say? I still get no power or feedback from the unit, other than the brief click.


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I have a Samsung front loader less then a year old it powered on a few days ago I go to do laundry an there is no power at all I have checked the outlet it’s working I have checked the breakers none are tripped or blew I’m not sure what else it could be someone please help me

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Turn breaker off. Press power button for 10 seconds. Then press start button for 10 secs. Turn breaker back on. Should reset the circuit board and fix the problem


Reset procedure worked like a champ. Hope it stays good.


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