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65uf6800 tv comes on has snowy picture on all inputs

The LG 65UF6800 tv goes on and the menu and sound work fine, but the actual picture on the screen on any input is all snowy.

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@fivestar9211 post some images of what your screen shows with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda for that. Is your onboard menu clear? You've checked all inputs (Coax, composite, component, HDMI) and they are all snowy? Did you disconnect everything that is connected to your TV (other than the inputs)? What have you checked?


I have that issue....all inputs are snowy but menu is crystal clear...what is wrong?


yes thats exactly what it does


New LG 55C8 is mildly snowy for all apps, Netflix, CBS All Access, etc. Broadcast TV is fine. I don’t want to return if of there’s a fix out there.


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@fivestar9211 @roy_r if you checked all the inputs with different source and if your menu is clear but your screen is snowy, you are having problems with the main board.

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Try these options it should work for you.

Turn off the digital noise reduction feature on the television.

Turn off auto motion .

Try changing picture modes, also see picture\color settings and turn off adaptive lighting from the settings .

and other possible reason could be wrong settings, electrical distortion or glare on the screen.

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Bad grounds on any video cable will cause this. You may have a problem with the cable / satellite box. You may have video connections crossed. Just trouble shooting. Check cables……I do believe that is a good place to start. Matt of Martins TV Repair.

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I would suggest that the main board is your problem. As this unit is very warm during use and cools when shut down.The solder will expand and contract. This will produce poor grounds on all the HDMI connections, HDMI M1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3 and so on.One thing to try before you make a new board purchase try this. LVDS cables……….there should be two of these. Making for four connections. They are ribbon cables from power supply to main board. Carefully lift up the plastic connections, pull ribbon out and clean the connection with a clean pencil eraser. Ribbon and board connection, replace ribbon on each account. Thank you for asking, Matt of Martins TV Repair.

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