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My smart tv keeps flickering

I have a lg smart tv the picture keeps flickering how do I fix this ? Everything els is ok

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@evanda LG has some issue with LED backlight array's. Let us know what model your TV is and if you can post a video or images of your flickering with your question. Use this guide for this.That way we can see what you see. If the flickering includes shaking of the image than it is most likely related to bad caps on the power board.

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My TV is LG 50LB652T -TB, it is flickering by getting brighter and brighter until the picture can be seen then dimmer and dimmer until i cant see the picture but the sound is ok

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Hi. My LG is just 2 years old and it is now flickering after it is turned on for a while, apparently when it gets hot. Maybe somebody out there could help me with this problem. Thanks!


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