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La Passat B6 venne presentata per la prima volta al Geneva Motor Show a marzo 2005 e lanciata in Europa nell'estate del 2005.

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My passat wont drive in gear

My 2008 manual transmission won't drive in any gear, it shifts easily, no grinding no noise, it just won't go anywhere in any gear even reverse.

Does anyone have answers or ideas?

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Hi @jasonrhonda ,

Possible problem with the gear shift linkage cable. It may be broken or the cable connection at either end, gear shift or gearbox may be faulty.


Was your problrm solved? and what was the problem?


I have wv passat 2.0 with 2008 model. Gear box oil has been drained with the hitting of a stone from bottom side. Now I found a little whole in the bottom plate of gear box. Car is not moving in any gear. Please help me to fix it


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I got my car fixed, it was a defectve Dual Mass Flywheel, it broke the clutch disc, so the car could't move. So it was a complete Clutch Kit replacement. Now its replaced and good to go.

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I have a 2005 Passat TDI it would only go into 2nd gear and was drivable like this with a very light leak. So thinking it was from oil pan I replaced oil pan gasket. Nope that was not it well then that slight leak turned into a gushing leak and it looked like it was coming from main seal inside transmission so I took transmission off and replaced seal which by the way I could not even find old seal so seal replaced put back togather but now while car go's into any gear it will not engage at all I put in the right transmissions fluid looks like all connectors are connected and hoses I do not think I missed any I'm really at a loss please please help I really appreciate it and would be very grateful for any help .Thank you for your time............Mike in Idaho ....


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