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A 17" LCD Display for an Apple computer produced between 2001 and 2004.

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ADC Monitor to new iMac as a 2nd display


I have a 17 inch apple display with an ADC coming out of the monitor - what I would like to do is use this as a second monitor attached to my new iMac - any ideas as to what cables I require and can I purchase them from you?

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I don't believe its possible to use that with an Imac but am including a link to the users guide. This guide goes into hooking up the display.

Hope this helps.

Apple Studio Display (17-inch CRT) User's Manual

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Many thanks for your reply, but your link goes through to a Google news page


Second item down on that page is the link for the Users Manual---I/E--- Apple Studio Display (17-inch CRT) Users Manual


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Its possible, but its hella expensive. Plus you will need to get a mini-dp to DVI converter..


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