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intermittent black screen at startup

Occasionally, when I start my laptop I will get a black screen although I will hear the OS in the background. If I quickly press the power button and let it flash 3 times and then press it again, I will get the startup screen and I can log in and proceed as usual. This work around helps but I would really rather fix the problem as this is becoming rather repetitive. Can you help?


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Hi @driven8 ,

What OS is installed in the laptop?

Are you starting the laptop from a hibernation or sleep position or is it a new start?

What happens if you just let the laptop continue to start, does the black screen stay indefinitely or do you eventually get a screen?


I am running Windows 7. I am starting my laptop as a new start and the screen stays black until I use the power button procedure as stated before in order to get the log in screen.


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Hi @driven8 ,

Here is a link that describes the various options on how to repair Win 7 startup problems.

As described try the options listed under the heading in the link "Options to try before using Recovery Environment in Windows Vista and 7" first

Remember never to select a reset my computer option as this will reinstall Windows and delete all your personal data . Only ever select repair as the option at this stage.

If you want to safeguard your data perform a system image backup to an external drive (and create a system restore point as well if you wish) first before you commence trying to repair the laptop. This way if anything goes wrong or you pressed the wrong option you can restore it to the way it was before you started

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Thank you for the advice. I will try a few of the options mentioned in the link and see what comes of it.


I did a system backup and created a restore point. I then tried the repair option and restarted my computer. unfortunately, the problem remains. While I was at it, I also did a start up test and both the System Memory and Hard Drive tests came back as PASSED. I noticed there is an option to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. Is this an option to consider or do you have an other recommendations either from the link you provided before or something else?



Being intermittent makes it harder to track down. If it occurred every time you started the laptop at least you could try different options to overcome the problem.

I would run "sfc" command to check that all the system files are correct. (see link on how to do it.

Try starting the laptop in "safe mode with networking" to see if you experience the same problem. Do it a few times (since it is intermittent) to see if it occurs or not.

try starting Last Known Good Configuration (advanced) to see if this "resets" the problem by loading the correct information and hopefully overwriting any corrupted info (this is a guess on my part as being intermittent would suggest that most of the time the data would be correct.)

I would also check in "Event Viewer" (start - control Panel - administrative tools -event viewer) and see if there are any very obvious critical/error/warnings events that may give a clue as to what is happening.

If none of the above resolves it for you how long has this been happening?

If you have a restore point from before the problem started it might be worthwhile restoring the laptop to that point in time. You will not lose any of your data BUT any program (e.g. A/V software etc) that has been installed or updated since that time (including Windows Updates) will have to be re done.


Thank you for providing me with a few more options.


I've had the same problem - Dell laptop with Intel HD Graphics 620 16G Ram i7 with LG Ultrawide HDMI monitor. HDMI cables swapped/checked, drivers updated/rolled back and updated again etc. Happens more when watching video and even more when watching video and using Bluetooth out but is happening as I type this with no video running (i.e. taxing the graphics chip). Tried many other things - to many to list (and remember). Didn't happen when I first bought the LG - something changed - not sure what. Has been happening for months now - still working on it....


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In reference to my note above ---- As I was checking to see if the laptop itself had the video issue (without the external monitor), I unplugged the HDMI cable. The laptop did not lose video. Ironically, when I plugged the HDMI back in, the LG (external monitor) worked great. No intermittent screen black-out. I ran multiple videos in multiple tabs and window then used Bluetooth out - no intermittent blackout! I restarted the laptop without removing the HDMI cable, ran a video and the blackout returned. Unplugged and re-plugged the HDMI and that fixes it. So - is this a fix? No. Is it a workaround I can live with? yep. When I power up the laptop and log in, I pull the HDMI and plug it back in. By the way, it is not a cable issue - I've tried other cables. My guess is that it is a hand-shake issue. When you unplug and plug back in, it re-establishes proper HDMI communication. Again, that's my guess. Hope this helps...

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It may be that one of your devices, either the laptop or the monitor is HDCP compliant and the other is not.

You would need to check the specs for both.

Just verifying that you have the latest Dell (insert your laptop model number) Intel HD Graphics 620 Win 10 drivers installed as well? I know that you said you tried too many things to list.

Here are a couple of links that may help explain it better than I can. (scroll down to features)


This is great info - Thank you! I will review details and hopefully be able to report the ACTUAL reason for the issue I've been experiencing.


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