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Modelli MacBook Pro con display da 13"

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looking for a keyboard - ISO Arabic

Hi I am looking for a replacement for my MacBook keyboard. my MacBook model is A1278 and my keyboard is ISO Arabic.

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Your best bet on this may be :

Jon Ridley


They specialize in Mac keyboards. You can find them here:


Look for part # A661-5561

Here's one:

At $40 this is probably the best way to go.

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thank you for the website everything was there except the Arabic keyboard.


You’ll likely need a standard US keyboard (if that fits), then use an overlay like this: KB Covers - Arabic cover then alter the keyboard mapping within the keyboard control panel.


it doesn't fit. ISO keyboard is different than the US. I buy a UK ISO keyboard and replace the keys with my old one.


@rayyanhafez, where are you located? I think I still have those in stock.


@rayyanhafez - Yes! You can use a standard ISO keyboard and transfer the keycaps to it from your old keyboard.


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The main detail you need to confirm with the A1278 model, is which keycap type you have.

As there is no central source for this information, we've made up our own catalogue.

They can be confirmed visually though, and on our system, it'll either be Type-E or Type-G.

Also, are you wanting to translate a keyboard to Arabic, or is your current keyboard faulty, so you need a replacement? if it is the latter, then you can purchase a UK or EU layout keyboard. As long as the clip type is the same as your model, you can unclip and replace all the keycaps on your keyboard to turn the UK/EU one into an Arabic one.

There are only 3 keyboard shapes available between all the languages. They shapes typically only affect the command and modifier keys however, as the alphanumeric keycaps will be the same for all languages, just with different text printed on them. US is one, then there is EU/UK (and rest of world), then there is Japanese.

So to translate from a UK or EU layout to Arabic, you just need to change the characters that alter between the two, ignoring the command and modifier keys (shifts, tab, delete, return, ctrl, alt, cmd, etc)

Can you identity which clip type you have from the photo below? then i can check to see if we have any arabic keycaps available for your type.

Block Image

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