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AR drone 2.0 board to board connector - need to solder it back


So today I flew my ar.drone 2.0 around and had a crash.

After the crash I got "PIC watchdog emergency" notification on the screen.

Disassembled the thing and noticed that the board-to-board connector partly chipped off the PCB taking some of the solder pads with it.

Has anyone had similar issue or experience with fixing the ar drone 2.0 PCB?

Are there any PCB schematics on the Internet? I didn't have luck with finding any.

Thanks in advance!

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@tomek_l there are no schematics of it yet. It is extremely difficult to find anything repair related on any drone. In your case I'd suggest you contact a good microsoldering business (this will depend on where you live etc.) and have them take a look at it. Sometimes traces can be rebuild and the experts can almost always come up with a fix. It might also help if you post some images of your damage with your question. For that use this guide Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

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