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A 10.1 inch Samsung tablet computer with a 1.4 GHz processor, 1280x800 pixel LCD, and 149 ppi multi-touch display. The model number of the device is GT-N8013ZW. Released August 2012, repair of this device is straightforward.

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Can I replace an sch-i925 motherboard with a gt-n8000 motherboard.

Thats it in my question.

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In theory you can replace the Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8020 with a GT-N8000 motherboard but you will loose the ability to use the Verizon LTE, you'd be stuck only with 3G, albeit it would not be locked to Verizon anymore.


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The same would go with the n8013 im guessing? Youd juat loose the lte functionality? Im supremely disappointed theres no exploit for the locked verizon bootloader. :/ (n8000=international 3g; n8020= international lte; n8013=wifi; sch-i925=us verizon lte)


Oh crap, i did not pay attention when I wrote the answer... You could still use a SIM, but not on LTE. So N8000=intl. 3G, N8020=sch-i925=US Verizon LTE, N8013=Wi-Fi only. Sorry my answer was confusing, I will edit it right away.


Is cool, im just making sure theyre all interchangeable


So for N8000 user still can upgrade their mobo(pcb board) to n8020 ?


Yes @Amirul Afiq


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