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The Sony Xperia Z3 is an android smartphone released in 2014 known for it’s long battery life and durability.

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How can I fix my sim-card reader?PHONE DOESN´T FOUND A GSM NETWORK?

Dear Community of IFIXIT,

After inserting the SIM card, the smartphone almost always recognizes the SIM card, I can and would say the phone recognizes it to 80% after inserting the SIM card!

But after the SIM Pin input, the phone indicates that the SIM card is locked.

(By the way , this SIM card works on other smartphones, i tried it on a lot of other phones)

(This is a SIM card of the same telecom operator of the smartphone, which means that this SIM card must be read on the phone).

I sent it to a repair center. They said I should buy a "flex on button" and exchange it.

What do you say, good idea or not?

Very important is also:

When the smartphone such for a telecommunications network, which is one of the first steps of the mobile phone, it doesn´t found any network, also after an hour!!

A software update has been created, but it doesn´t help.

I think the antenna is defective, what do you think?

As a attachment you find a video, from the phone, that proves that it doesn´t find any telecommunications network!



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@helpmejojo follow the instructions that Sony supplies first.

This for your no service:

Block Image

Block Image

and this for your SIM

Block Image

Ultimately you could consider replacing the SIM card reader based on this "the phone recognizes it to 80% " and your stated other issues.

Now it will be up to you to disassemble your phone and to take a look at the SIM card reader as well as your antenna. Post some images of what your phone looks like with your question. for that use this guide Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda It will allow us to see what you see.

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@oldturkey03 thank you for the instruction, I´ll follow it step by step and if I have questions or I don´t know what is next to do, then I´ll write you.

But I don´t understand what you mean with:

"This for your no service"

and when you say "Replace Main PBA" then you mean to replace the whole(this is not a problem for me) Motherboard of my phone ?

If yes, what would you recommend me, where should I buy these parts- in Amazon, Ebay etc. or can i buy it here maybe?


To replace the main PBA is what Sony recommends since there are no more diagrams or schematics to repair a board.


@oldturkey03 okay thank you, but I asked: What is the main PBA? Is it the Motherboard??

And what would you recommend me, where should I buy these parts- in Amazon, Ebay etc. or can i buy it here maybe?


@helpmejojo yes the PBA is the motherboard. iFixit does not have those, so purchase from a reputable buyer if you need a new one.


@oldturkey03 I would like to say something important:

I bought a second "slightly broken" Sony z3 two months ago, since my mobile phone had a water damage (the bought had a few flaws in the display and many scratches).

I have done a mobile phone test for half an hour before the purchase, if everything works and everything fits with the phone.

Now very important:

To the various tests I have made, I have also tried whether a SIM card works and is read by the mobile phone. And yes the SIM card was read.

So I bought the phone and installed the phone's motherboard in my water-damaged phone to repair it, and since then the phone does not read the SIM card anymore.

And now to my question:

Should I follow your instructions, or should I now do something else?


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