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Water Damaged iPhone 6s wont turn on or charge w/ new battery

Dropped my 6s in the toilet last week and have been trying to repair. When dropped, it would not shut off, the screen faded to black and it heated up like crazy.

i opened it up, cleaned up any remaining water, used isopropyl to clean off contacts, replaced the battery, and reassembled. Still absolutely NO response.

Am I royally screwed?

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That depends. Heat = a short. It is common for iPhone 6s to develop an instant short on vccmain as soon as it hits water. Attempting to put charging current into the board or even battery current is a great way to burn up all of vccmain on the board. Most microsolderers will not address a wet board that has been exposed to voltage after being wet outside of data recovery so this is DIY repair. There are great forums out there that can help you learn board repair but it depends on your interest and willingness to invest in equipment for the job. Alternative you might find an beginning microsolderers that is still willing to look at "for the sake of the phone" water damage repairs.

Find out the cause of the short and remove that component. That's your next step.

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